Why are standards needed?
School photography is not the place for inexperienced photographers. It is a very specialised business that relies not only on photography skills but also experience, people skills and being very well organised. Companies also need a foolproof ordering system, the ability to deal with lots of data and also being aware of child protection issues.

Where service counts more!
You may think some companies are better than others just because a lot of other schools use them. Or, it may be that you hear from them the most as they have a large marketing budget and can employ dedicated sales staff. But SchoolPhotoPRO shows school photography companies in a different way, and that is based on what schools say about their service and what we know about the way they run their business.

Members are proud of our standards
Accredited members are very proud of the high calibre service they provide. They share ideas and have access to our training sessions in order to ensure they provide you, your pupils and their parents with the best possible service.

SPP membership standards
SPP accreditation has become a must-have accolade for school photography companies. Amongst our growing list of accredited members you will find some of the very best school photographers in our business. So when a school photographer contacts you about photographing your school, take a closer look if they are SPP accredited.

Are all school photographers SPP members?
No, not every school photography company is a member of our association, but there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be. As long as they work in schools or preschools, they qualify. Membership has many benefits, the main one being that it shows you that they have extremely high standards, and willing to prove it via our accreditation.

If your current photography company is not SPP accredited, you might want to ask yourself why.

Maintaining school photography standards

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