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Member Paperwork

Code of Conduct PDF - Download here.
(give to every school on booking)

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Member Accreditation

SPP accreditation is based around references and feedback from your customers. If you are new to our association, you can apply at the link below. If you are an existing member and your customers send us regular feedback, this may not have to be repeated.

Additional services you provide can be listed on your directory entry as long as you can provide evidence to support your claim.

Start your accreditation here

SPP Logo use

You can only use our red accredited logos as long as you an accredited member of our association.

All other connections with our association must only use the grey logo.

Member Directory

Accredited members can have up to 3 entries in our directory for free. This will cater for those who border on different areas. Additional entries can be placed for a small fee but please be realistic about what areas you can comfortably service.

View our Member Directory

Submit or amend your entry


Having your voice heard

With so many ways members keep in touch with SPP, it's often difficult to get balanced comments from our membership as a whole. While we will always listen to, and possibly impliment suggestions from members that may involve minor changes, any larger changes that will effect our members will need to be discussed at our annual conference. This is the place where your voice can be heard, in person, or via an email that will be dscussed in your absence.

If you need to contact us, please see our 'Contact' page.

DBS (was CRB) checks

As photographers are supervised whilst in schools and other similar establishments, and will not meet the frequent or intensive rule, there is no requirement for them to undertake a CRB check.

Please visit this page for full details.

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